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Water-playing Park and Bao Yugang Swimming Pool
The water-playing park is sited in 11# block of the Dragon Sports Center,adjacent to Huanglong Road in its east, the second ring road oftbe "center" in its north, the under-planning swimming and diving gym in its west and the gymnasium in its south. This block covers an area of 27.7 mu (1.85 ha) and is scbeduleal to be completed and put into operation in Aug. 2004. The investment will reach RMB 80 million.
Covering an area of 30,000 sq. m., this water-playing park is an important supplementary facility coordinating with other fields and halls.Dining hall, offices and shop will be built in the park simultaneously with the expansion project of the nearby Bao Yugang Swimming Pool.
This water-playing park together with Bao Yugang Swimming Pool focusing on water sports combines water-playing with swimming function and serves as an all-weather and opdmized-allocated activity site.Utilizing the main stadium and gymnasium as its background, its architectural image matches with its style harmoniously with its own features.The water-playing park will become another highlight on the Huanglong Road.

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