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Zhejiang Huanglong Sports Center is the Class II public welfare Institution affiliated to Zhejiang Sports Bureau. The construction work began in June 1997 and now it covers a total area of about 580 acres. The Huanglong Main Stadium was completed and come into service in October 2000. There are currently eight venues ( Main stadium, Gymnasium, Sports Center for Aged Person, Indoor Training Hall, Tennis Hall, Bao Yugang  Aquatics, Swimming and Diving Hall and an Air Dome) and Outdoor Track and Field, Outdoor Tennis Courts, Caged Football Fields, and so on. Our center has an advantageous geographical location, pleasant surroundings, convenient transportation, and complete facilities. In Hangzhou, where the elements of sports, culture, business and tourist come together.
Since the founding of Huanglong Sports center 20 years ago, following the right leadership of the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau, it has always been committed on public welfare, serving the people, and playing an unparalleled role in national fitness, culture, sports training, and competition performances. Huanglong Sports Center successfully held the FIFA 2007 China Women's Football World Cup, the G20 Hangzhou Summit, the opening and closing ceremonies of 8th National Games of Disabled Persons People's Republic of China, the opening ceremony of the 13th National Student Games, the International Ski Federation City Sprint at Hangzhou Station of China Tour, Zhejiang Equestrian Finals and National Equestrian Open Championships, and other high levels high specification sports events.
In 2022, Huanglong Sports Center will be the competition venues for Football , Gymnastics (Competitive gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline) and Water Polo, also Athlectics of the Asian ParaGames. Since 2019, Huanglong Sports Center has taken the opportunity of renovating Asian Games Stadium and public sports stadium service; to enhance the comprehensive strength of software and hardware, furthermore, strive to build a modern sports complex. In the future, Huanglong Sports Center will continue to forge ahead toward the goal of "becoming the Base of sport leisure, the Matrix of cultural and sports training, the Gathering of competition and performance, a new Paradigm of stadium operation" with the care and support of the people of the whole province, and strive to become a highlight in the construction of "The Significant Window”in Zhejiang.

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